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TT Bats

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Creating a craze amongst amateur as well as professional table tennis players our premium quality ..
Rs. 1,070 Rs. 808
Ex Tax: Rs. 808
Fast Table Tennis Bats which are manufactured to bring perfection for all offensive and aggressive..
Rs. 1,260 Rs. 1,008
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,008
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The Addoy series from Butterfly is designed for the beginning recreational player The Addoy rubber..
Rs. 1,580 Rs. 1,264
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,264
The Addoy series from Butterfly is designed for the beginning recreational player The Addoy rubber p..
Rs. 1,580 Rs. 1,264
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,264
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The Butterfly TBC 303 shakehand racket is assembled with Yuki & Magnitude rubber.Yuki is extreme..
Rs. 2,300 Rs. 1,840
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,840
The Timo Boll series from Butterfly is designed for the developing recreational playerThe Pan Asia r..
Rs. 2,060 Rs. 1,648
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,648
The Wakaba series from Butterfly is designed for the advanced recreational player. The Wakaba rubber..
Rs. 2,240 Rs. 1,792
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,792
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High quality international standard racket specially deleloped for young and aspiring players. ..
Rs. 1,780 Rs. 1,424
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,424
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Light weight Rubber sponge.Highly elastic micropores of Euro V. Extra power with good control Speed:..
Rs. 2,204 Rs. 1,763
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,763
Strong 5 ply blade with comfortable flared handle. ITTF approved. Attractive design front label with..
Rs. 4,156 Rs. 3,325
Ex Tax: Rs. 3,325
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Control the ball as well as your opponent as you wish with our durable and stylish pingpong paddles...
Rs. 700 Rs. 560
Ex Tax: Rs. 560
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Also known as the king of all Table Tennis Bats these ping pong rackets are well renowned amongst ..
Rs. 940 Rs. 752
Ex Tax: Rs. 752
New 3G Technology Table Tennis Racket with ITTF approved Nano Attaking Rubbers. Nano Technology - Th..
Rs. 1,644 Rs. 1,315
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,315
ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) approvedOffensive Playing StylePower of Aggression Suit..
Rs. 1,850 Rs. 1,480
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,480
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It features a comfortable handle with superior ergonomics. Plus, the Learner Stage 2 design incorpor..
Rs. 250
Ex Tax: Rs. 250
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For giving your TT aspirations that perfect opening, opt for the STAG 3 STAR TT BAT. This racket is ..
Rs. 400
Ex Tax: Rs. 400
Stag Championship TT Bat has been designed with good quality materials to give an improved performan..
Rs. 1,100 Rs. 880
Ex Tax: Rs. 880
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The table tennis bat is best suited for players looking to leave their mark, and play the game dis..
Rs. 325
Ex Tax: Rs. 325
Ergonomically designed grip.Suitable for offensive and defensive style of game.Strong Grip that allo..
Rs. 440 Rs. 350
Ex Tax: Rs. 350
 Professional Level High Quality Table Tennis Racket * ITTF Approved * Speed: 80* Spi..
Rs. 1,100 Rs. 880
Ex Tax: Rs. 880
ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) approvedMeant for a fun gameComfortable Handle and a be..
Rs. 185
Ex Tax: Rs. 185
TTF (International Table Tennis Federation) approvedDesigned to offer extremely high controlExcellen..
Rs. 775 Rs. 620
Ex Tax: Rs. 620
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