Squash Buying Guide


Optimize your squash performance with gear designed to maximize your potential. Our comprehensive buying guide empowers you to discover racquets that ignite your shots, shoes that support every move, and accessories crafted for on-court focus.  Experience the difference the right gear makes.

Choose the Perfect Squash Racquet

Understanding Your Playstyle

Key Racquet Specifications

Now, let's break down the key elements of a squash racquet:

Matching Specs to Player Type

Choose the Perfect Squash Shoes

Key Factors: Squash-Specific Adaptations

Choose the Perfect Squash Balls

Let's dive into the world of squash balls, covering types and crucial factors for making the perfect selection:

Types of Squash Balls

Understanding the different squash balls is essential as they heavily influence gameplay:

Key Factors: Matching the Ball to Your Needs

Skill Level (3 boxes in row):

Playing Style:

Find the most Compatible String for Racquet

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