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Joola Tronix CMD Table Tennis Rubber

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Unleash your inner champion with Joola Tronix CMD table tennis rubber. Engineered for aggressive play, this dynamic rubber delivers explosive power, superior spin, and exceptional control for the modern offensive player.

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Brand Joola
Type Control
Speed 8
Spin 9
Control 9.5
Level Advanced
Country of Origin Germany

Joola Tronix CMD: Ignite Your Offensive Game

The Joola Tronix CMD isn't just another table tennis rubber; it's a game-changer designed to elevate your offensive play to new heights. Crafted for the modern attacker who demands nothing but the best, this rubber delivers a unique blend of power, spin, and control that's simply unmatched.

Unleash Explosive Power

The Tronix CMD's specially formulated top sheet and high-tension sponge work in perfect harmony to generate explosive power on every stroke. Whether you're smashing, looping, or driving, you'll experience a surge of energy that leaves your opponents scrambling to keep up.

Superior Spin Generation

Spin is the name of the game, and the Tronix CMD excels in this department. Its tacky surface grips the ball with exceptional tenacity, allowing you to impart devastating amounts of spin on your serves, loops, and chops. Control the pace and dictate the play with spin that keeps your opponents guessing.

Unmatched Control and Precision

Power and spin are nothing without control, and the Tronix CMD delivers on this front as well. The rubber's unique composition provides a crisp, responsive feel that allows you to place shots with pinpoint accuracy. Execute complex spin variations and tactical strokes with confidence, knowing that you have the control to dictate the outcome of every rally.


Joola from Germany, a leading brand in table tennis and now in pickleball, provides high-quality equipment for players of all skill levels. From competition-grade tables to performance paddles, Joola helps you master the game.


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