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Tibhar Game 2.0 Table Tennis Rubber

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Discover the perfect balance of control and fun with Tibhar Game 2.0. This versatile table tennis rubber offers exceptional control, easy spin, and a forgiving feel, making it ideal for beginners and intermediate players.

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Brand Xiom
Type Control
Speed 100
Spin 100
Control 70
Level Intermediate
Country of Origin Germany

Tibhar Game 2.0: Your Gateway to Table Tennis Mastery

The Tibhar Game 2.0 table tennis rubber is the perfect choice for players seeking a reliable and enjoyable table tennis experience. Whether you're a beginner mastering the basics or an intermediate player honing your skills, the Game 2.0 offers the ideal blend of control, spin, and forgiveness.

Effortless Control for Confident Play:

The Game 2.0 features a soft, high-grip top sheet that delivers exceptional control on every stroke. You'll easily place your shots with precision, even during fast-paced rallies. The forgiving nature of the rubber allows for minor errors, boosting your confidence and enjoyment of the game.

Accessible Spin for Versatile Shots:

While prioritizing control, the Game 2.0 doesn't sacrifice spin. The tacky top sheet provides sufficient grip to generate spin on serves, pushes, and even light topspins. This versatility allows you to develop a well-rounded game and explore different playing styles.

Tibhar Game 2.0: Master Control, Embrace the Joy of Table Tennis

The Tibhar Game 2.0 table tennis rubber is the epitome of accessible performance, designed to empower players of all levels with confidence and control. Whether you're taking your first steps in the sport or rediscovering your love for table tennis, the Game 2.0 offers an unparalleled experience.


Tibhar is a German manufacturer of table tennis equipment, offering a wide range of high-quality table tennis paddles. Trusted by professional players and recreational enthusiasts alike, Tibhar helps you play your best.


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